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Dan & Dorene Burritt

September 2021

Asia Trip

Greetings from Asia .. Dorene and I arrived in Manila on Friday night. The first thing we saw was an article in the paper saying they just buried 1400 more unidentified bodies in Tacloban, Leyte. Tacloban is where we fly in when we come here to the World Evangelism Bible College. When we flew in …

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Tanzania Trip

Here is an update about Tanzania. Dear Family & friends, Dan filled you in on the Philippines & S. Africa. We had many great experiences in both places as God moved mightily to save, deliver, & baptize in the Holy Spirit.Many others were strengthened , encouraged, edified,& refreshed as they returned to their first Love, …

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Mexico Trip

Wow! We are truly in the last days before Christ returns. People are SOhungry for God in Mexico! The fact is they are hungry for the Spirit ofGod in every country we have preached with the exception of the USA. Thereis a smattering of churches in America where Jesus is the focus but mostlyits religion, …

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Colombia Trip

Hello Partners and friends of It is Finished Ministries, We had just 10 days off after our one month in Mexico. I had to return to New York for four days for business. We flew out to Baranquilla, Columbia on Wednesday, February 18. This was our second trip to this beautiful country. The meetings had …

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