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Dan & Dorene Burritt

First Day in Manila, Philippines

We arrived here in Manila yesterday December 31st.  China Southern Airlines did a good job with everything except they lost Dorene’s bag with all her clothes.

This was the first year I was awake for New Year’s because really it was noon Friday NY time ?  We unpacked and rested.

Today, Sunday Jan 1st we found a church in the hotel.  The Pastora came to talk to us before service began and asked me to preach.  We never announce that we are Ministers but God often reveals this to His servants.

The worship was good and Dorene was asked to give testimony of what God has done.  The Lord lead her to November 2013.   She gave God glory for what He did at the Bible college during the Typhoon named Yolanda. Tens of thousands of people died.  The Bible college took a direct hit!!!  But our friends at the college remained safe in a 3×12 foot corridor in the sanctuary.  As the typhoon tore the roofs off the buildings they were singing covered, covered, covered by the Blood!!! The unbelievers that happened to be with them thought they were crazy!
Then the 30’+ tall title wave headed directly toward the school. Eye witness accounts, up on a high hill, watched with amazement as the title wave SPLIT and went either side of the college destroying entire villages. It was like the Red Sea!   All 57 people that were in that hallway for 6 hours survived and the buildings we saved!

With the people of God rejoicing in His grace and mercy I stepped up and preached out of Col 1:19-23.  That IF we look to the Blood of the Cross we are Holy, Blameless and above reproach in HIS SIGHT!!   That the problem is we start out in this life as enemies of God.  Separated from Him by our sin!  So sin is the problem and the only answer for sin is the cross of Jesus!!  Not just Jesus but His finished work of the cross!!   And NOW we remain Holy and blameless and above reproach in His sight “IF” we continue IN THE FAITH!  Glory to God for giving revelation knowledge to the people of that simple but powerful Truth!!!  Nothing in my hands I bring but simply to the cross I cling!!  9 or 10 people were saved at the Altar and the worship leader delivered from his sin!!!  Praise God!!   It was awesome for those to be born again on Jan 1st, 2017……

After the service we spoke to a family from New Guinea.  The mother and three grown boys who gave their lives to Jesus this morning!!  But what saddens me is as we talked to them we learned they are regular members of the Assembly of God church there in New Guinea.  They said they never heard the gospel like this in their life.  They were never taught they must be born again. They never heard how their sin has separated them from a Holy God.   We are finding this all over the world in more and more CHURCHES.  The apostasy is happening now!! Please pray for God’s pastors and teachers,  that they would start preaching the simple truth of Jesus Christ and him crucified, which is the power of God!!

Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday we have Pastors Conferences here and near to Manila and will distribute 100’s of Jimmy Swaggart Expositors study bibles that clearly teach the message of the cross!  Such a great honor and privilege to place in the hands of the Pastors this great tool!!

We love you!

Brother Dan w/ Sister Dorene

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