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Important Update

The Call to The Lost “Don’t be afraid. From this day forward, I have called you to be a fisher of men.” Dan Burritt heard

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Asia Trip

Greetings from Asia .. Dorene and I arrived in Manila on Friday night. The first thing we saw was an article in the paper saying

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Tanzania Trip

Here is an update about Tanzania. Dear Family & friends, Dan filled you in on the Philippines & S. Africa. We had many great experiences

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Mexico Trip

Wow! We are truly in the last days before Christ returns. People are SOhungry for God in Mexico! The fact is they are hungry for

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El Salvador Trip

El Salvador seems like forever ago but it was just before Thanksgiving that we spent 11 days preaching the message of Jesus Christ and Him

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Mexico 2015 update

Dear Brothers and Sisters, family and friends Thank you once again for all your love support and prayers as the Lord sends us around this

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Colombia Trip

Hello Partners and friends of It is Finished Ministries, We had just 10 days off after our one month in Mexico. I had to return

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Venezuela Trip

Before I even begin to write this account of our trip to Venezuela I must say that I am not political.  That’s not what Dorene and

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Paraguay update 2015

Hello Brothers and Sisters in Christ… Hello to future children of God!Hello to all who stumbled onto this report of Gods grace and mercy….. We

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Cuba Update 2015

Our trip to Cuba“Four days in a Communist home” In July we were in Mexico conducting a pastor seminar when a pastor approached and asked

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God’s heart is souls!!

God has appointments w people!  We that believe don’t direct our own steps, they are ordered by God. Last night at midnight exhausted after traveling 22 hours

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Tuxpan Mexico

Today we finished the 2 day Pastors Conference with 128 Senior Pastors and another 200 church people in attendance. To God be the glory for

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Philippines Update

Here in the Philippines on the island of Leyte, we have run into stiff opposition to the MOTC from the G-12 people.  A very religious

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