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Dan & Dorene Burritt

God’s heart is souls!!

God has appointments w people!  We that believe don’t direct our own steps, they are ordered by God.

Last night at midnight exhausted after traveling 22 hours from Argentina by car, bus, and 3 airplanes we had a flat tire on the highway in Barranquilla Colombia
It was a very dark and dangerous area of the city, BUT GOD!  We hobbled along just 200 meters until we saw a light shining in an old dark brick building way down below the highway.  As we pulled in praying for protection my eyes could not believe what I saw!!  The single swinging light bulb came from a 24 hour “hole in the wall” tire shop!!  The young man working there was lounging as if waiting for us!!!  He began to work on the tire without saying a word. While he was putting the spare on a very, very, scare and desperate looking man appeared out of the shadows with a vertical wound up and down his face from a machete.  It began on his forehead and traveled down over, and past, his left eye! It was still bleeding and it was deep!!!!  He wanted money.  We all froze for a few moments startled by the sight. But the Lord had me speak up and say “you need to change your friends”  I can’t explain why I said that but as Oscar translated the man rambled on about some bus and the guy that did this to him he knows well.  Our friend Carlos, that picked us up at the airport, gave him a few dollars and he disappeared into the night as quick as he came.  If he had pulled out a machete I would not have been surprised, but I wasn’t afraid.   The young tire guy completed the work.  I said to him, “do you know why we came here”?  It wasn’t for the tire! God sent us to tell you the good news that Jesus died for your sins.  As I preached to this 20 something young man the Holy Spirit was so gentle telling him that religion can’t save you, you can’t save your self! You simple repent of your sins and receive Jesus !  At first he said he goes to church and he is a good person, but when I asked will you go to Heaven when you die he hung his head and said maybe.
But as he heard that we have all sinned and fall short of the glory of God. That there is none righteous no not one! He broke and asked Jesus to wash away his sin by the precious blood of Jesus shed on the cross!  It was so beautiful!!!  What a Divine appointment !!  And now Synder’s name is written in the Lambs book of life! I again asked him will you go to Heaven when you die and with a huge smile he said YES!  That is the witness of the Holy Spirit in the one who has his faith ONLY in Christ!! Not man, not religion, not himself, but only the Finished work of the cross of Christ!

There were two men there last night. God sent His Son for both of them!!  He sent his Son for “whosoever” will believe!!   Do you believe that?  Have you received Him?  As we drove away rejoicing that our tire blew out right there, God showed me once again that His heart is all about SOULS!  One man got money, the other Eternal life!!
What will it profit a man if he gain the whole world but loses his soul?

One month here in South America complete and we fly to USA in the morning but I don’t think God is done yet.  He is never done saving people!!  Glory to God and the Lamb forever!

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