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Dan & Dorene Burritt

Philippines Update

Here in the Philippines on the island of Leyte, we have run into stiff opposition to the MOTC from the G-12 people.  A very religious spirit as man tries to conform man into his own image!  They teach a strict regiment of do’s and don’ts. Meetings and accountability to man big time. Very divisive.  And like all of these man made programs they are against the simple Gospel that says Christ paid it all.  So Tuesday was hard plowing as a good 25% of the 200 pastors were stuck in this mess.  But after the first session 5 or 6 of the G-12 leaders left the conference abruptly, (without an Exp bible),  and we began to see a breakthrough, Glory to God!!!   We had an Altar call and many came to repent of faith in their own works!

By the end of the day there was some rejoicing in the freedom only brought by the Holy Spirit as we focus on Jesus’s FINISHED work!
Yesterday we drove the 3 hours to Merida in Western Leyte and WOW what a difference!  About 80 Independent Pastors from that area came together and we had a time in the Lord!!  After the conference the testimonies came in of being set free from sin, works, religious efforts, and just plain self dependence!!!! It was awesome!!!!  Maturity in the world is Independence.   At one year old we walk, at two we talk, at 16 we drive a car, we are maturing and becoming more independent.  But with God it’s the opposite. As we mature in the Lord we become more DEPENDENT on Him and less and less on our selves.  This brings REST!!!   Yesterday these Pastors found rest again and this short video shows the fruits of the Spirit, joy, peace, etc….  Then they all received the Jimmy Swaggart Expositors study bible so they can learn more about the message of the cross which is the POWER of God for the believer 1 Cor 1:18.

Then they get their Expository study Bible!

Please pray for us as next week we move to two more islands, N Samar and W Samar for Pastors conferences and bible distribution

Resting in Christ
Brother Dan w/Dorene

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