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The Mayor accepted Christ here in this city of over 150,000 today!!

The Mayor accepted Christ here in this city of over 150,000 today!!!

Brother Steve and I arrived in Mexico City airport and drove here last night. This morning we began the pastors conference with over 100 pastors in attendance. You could tell by the look on their face they have never heard the message of the cross preached before. But as the word went forth and the Spirit of God moved many came to revelation knowledge very quickly. I was told that the mayor may arrive during the second session. Just as we began he entered the building with an entourage of about a dozen people.
The press, secretaries and others.
From the pulpit I recognized him and brought him up to speak to the pastors. He said the usual politically correct niceties to the pastors. They asked me to pray for him but before I prayed I wanted to be sure he was saved. As I preached the simple gospel I could see the convicting power of the Holy Spirit on him.
When I asked him if he knew he would go to heaven when he died he said “I hope so”.
I turned to the congregation of the pastors and asked if they would go to heaven when they die and there was a resounding YES!!
I now know he’s not saved and was able to press in with more scriptures to show him his lost condition and then asked him if he wanted to receive Christ as his Savior! He said yes and Pastor Elias led him in the sinners prayer to a roaring applause from the congregation. After he said amen I asked him one more time if he knew he would make heaven his home when he died and this time he said unequivocably “YES”!!
The place erupted in a Holy Ghost celebration.
It was a divine appointment for the mayor!! The altar call at the end of the third session was powerful….
Tomorrow is the second day with the same Pastors for three more hours of teaching, please pray for that meeting.

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